The SortWizard® is the fastest and most comprehensive stock search engine available. Designed with unparalleled flexibility and packed with productivity features specifically for the active trader. Simple-to-Use Search Setup and no programming languages to learn to setup filters, scans, searches and trading systems. Searchable Fields for technical and fundamental analysis – select from hundreds of fields such as moving averages, candlesticks, pivot points, Bollinger bands, average true range, ADX, DI Powerful Formula Creation Tools using only spreadsheet formulas No symbol lists to create. No symbol search size restrictions. RealTick symbol chains for a data source input can also be used. Even use the specialized chains designed by Tony Oz and others. Speed, Efficiency and Convenience features built in along with seamless integration with RealTick. Use hot links, drag and drop and other speed, efficiency and convenience features built in to make use with RealTick a snapTime Savings - Scan the entire universe of stocks for your specific parameters within seconds. No need to maintain a database or sacrifice your valuable personal time analyzing in the evenings. Just set your trigger events, run the scans and wait for the qualifiers to be displayed in real-time.